New Publication in Global Networks

Together with my colleague Christian Ambrosius, we have just published the article “Forced Returns fuel anti-Americanism: Evidence from U.S: Deportations to Latin America.” This is the abstract of the paper: “In the last two decades, forced removals have been the main feature of U.S. migration policy toward Latin America. In this research, we explore whether this policy has had implications in terms of Latin Americans’ public opinion toward their northern neighbour. We argue that deportations breed anti-Americanism by cutting off the flow of information and money associated with emigration, which has proven to be a source of better dispositions toward the United States. Using public opinion data and municipal data on deportations in El Salvador, we show that these perceptions have worsened over time and that rates of deportation are related to this trend. By using public opinion data on Latin America and deportation rates in the region, we also show that this pattern holds beyond our case study. We call attention to destination migration policies as a source of resentment among domestic audiences, which can be capitalized by new populisms in the region.” Stay tune for a couple of shorter pieces to give diffusion to the article’s main findings. Thanks, Chris, for this collaboration.