Conference at the Migration Policy Center, EUI, May 23-25. “Continuities and Change in a Migration World.”

Beyond thrilled to be participating in my first in-person conference in over two years. And what a treat this will take place at the EUI, Migration Policy Center, Florence. I will be presenting a co-authored paper with my friend and colleague, Professor Christian Ambrosius, on deportations and their impact on trust and dispositions toward the United States in Latin America. Can’t wait to the discussion and to reconnecting with colleagues and friends. Please, see below the conference scope:

Conference scope: The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly dominated public debate for 2 years, but it is now timely and important to think about continuities and change in a migration world. This means a world that has been, is and will continue to be powerfully shaped by international migration in its various forms and by responses to that migration. The pandemic has had massive effects, but we do not privilege it as the sole cause or driver of the dynamics of contemporary international migration. The aims of the conference are to understand more about: (1) new patterns and trends in migration and mobility and to examine the factors that shape them, including, but not confined to the pandemic; and (2), understanding more about the factors that shape social, legal, political and economic responses to international migration in its various forms. The conference will be multidisciplinary and global in scope with the intention of ensuring that the conference learns from perspectives from across the world.  We welcome papers that offer innovation in theory, methods or data analysis.”